This whole networking thing is based on one very key and targeted phrase:

Building Relationships and Keeping Them.

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the entire meaning of life. As we go about our personal and professional (sometimes feeling unprofessional) lives, what is the one thing that binds us together as one common community?

Communication! Without clear, continual and cohesive communication, where would we be? Okay, right now we’re not working, so life as we know it seems a bygone failure, right? We’ve been talking, selling and interviewing our butts off and what do we have to show for all the effort? Uh, nothing. Bottom line here…why bother communicating if not a soul is listening?

Practice absolute persistence. Have you heard of anyone who’s been unemployed their entire life? I haven’t. I’m sure by now everyone has seen, heard and felt the story of the homeless dude with “that golden voice from God”. Yeah, he’s got million dollar pipes all right, but it was the choices he made, bad decisions, that put him on the streets of Ohio. By showing off his heavenly skills to each passing motorist and pedestrian, constantly, he is now knocking on the doorsteps of second chance.

Are you in Constant Contact with your Network? Are you building and nurturing those precious relationships? Whether it’s on the phone, on-line or on the street, you must position yourself at the forefront of the competition and in the eyes and ears of our target companies schmoozing with those responsible for hiring or forwarding you on to those whom they know that are.

Ya’ll know my tag line; Why Just Look For a Job? Create One!™. I have created a relationship with over 100 people who have signed up for my periodic Newsletters with an occasional offer to help you find work, additional stories of what I’m going through and more moral support. If you’re one of them, much thanks! If you’re not, now’s the time. Click Here and Sign Up for my Email Newsletter. The software I use is provided by Constant Contact; catchy, eh? Well, to more efficiently and effectively use this for my emails, I took a day-long seminar on the best and easiest way to build emails – hosted by Constant Contact. Fabulous and fascinating material. While you’re looking for work, learn something new! Be creative! Ya’ see where I’m going with this? Out of this seminar, by asking questions and networking, I was able to create an opportunity for myself that has revenue potential!

I am now a Constant Contact Business Partner. Here’s how you can help me and help yourself: We started this post emphasizing relationship building, communicating and staying…well, in contact with your associates and colleagues. We’re always sending email. We never know where it goes, we never know if it’s read. Real simple, Constant Contact allows you to send very professional, creative and effective email to your contacts. Every month you should be reaching out to those looking on your behalf. Instead of sending out these email individually (very time-consuming), you can build a targeted list of those you know in your chosen industry and send them an update on your progress as well as include articles related to your business keeping you and them current on industry trends. You can build this once, monthly or quarterly, and send it to your entire list with a click of a button. Now I know about sending stuff out addressed to you with a “bcc” to the world, but that could get stopped by spam filters, kicked back to you or maybe not allowed by your ISP depending on size. A myriad of things could go wrong. With Constant Contact, your content looks way better, you’re keeping up with technology and you can track the email! Yes, you can see who is opening up the email, when it’s getting opened, how many times they open it, if they are forwarding your information on to other contacts, if they are clicking on anything you include in your email…and more. Really neat stuff! Oh, and yes…if you do sign up for the program, I am compensated. Just a little, but hey…it’s something. It’s also a win for you because you are becoming a more valuable and educated communicator! Now look…you’ve just learned something new and you’re trying to create something that’s fresh. Few employers, if any, are getting this kind of stuff from prospective employees. Be daring and do something different; differentiate yourself from the crowd. The program is free for 60 days so you can play with it and familiarize yourself with the software on their dime, not yours. Start sending stuff out. At the end of the free trial, if you choose to stay on, it will cost $15/mo. As a job search expense, you can’t pay it any more forward than that! People will see that you’re proactive and thinking ahead.

So I leave it up to you; doing the same thing over and over expecting different results or you can put yourself out there a bit more aggressively and create some results.

To explore more about the Constant Contact program, please click here. Please use this link only so I can receive the credit and compensation. I thank you. And after you try it, you’ll thank yourself.

Happy and Awesomely Prosperous New Year!

As Always, Thanks For Surfing My Wave!

Why Just Look For a Job? Create One!

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Consider Moving In Your Job Search

by TUM on December 16, 2010

Being Los Angeles born and raised, with roots deeper than the Sequoia National Park, I’m not about to go anywhere…I can’t. Well, I can, but with a young family, mortgage, personal and civic obligations, plus an aging mother (hi mom!), I’m sort of bound to Southern California for quite some time. Anyway, my dog would really miss me if I moved.

Your phone, games and apps aren’t your only mobile resources anymore. Have you considered moving for a job?

Well, the woman who owns the company that hosts this very website just had to move to the East Coast because her husband was unemployed (sound familiar?). Jon was looking for more than 18 months in LA and simply couldn’t find a job. His network just couldn’t land him anywhere locally; none of his efforts panned out. Jon also has a young family with a teenager and had to sell his house in this economy. His aging relative is his mother-IN-LAW! Now I personally know this wasn’t a guiding factor at all in the move, but I’m sure some of you might want to consider it! Okay, enough of the (attempted) humor…

They had a herculean decision to make, but Jon kept striking out. As it turned out, he had network contacts back east that started working for him; the story is quite interesting, but when push came to shove, it was an offer he couldn’t refuse. It just so happens they have some roots in the Northeast, so that helps. They also are leaving mom with good friends in LA. Still, hard stuff; the child had to make new friends. Jon is doing well, but Deborah, my web host is finding the ride a bit bumpier than expected. Her business is predominantly virtual, but she can rebound much quicker than one who is corporate like Jon or I.

Take the time to look at and review your personal lifestyle and habits. Make a list of what you like and dislike about your surroundings and what it might take for you to make a move. Los Angeles is in the top 5 worst cities in which to look for work. Not pretty. Interested in the top 5 best cities for employment? The article linked to what you just read spells out the economics.

Employment is becoming increasingly mobile these days for many. As my tagline states, if you’re having difficulty looking for a job, be proactive in creating something for yourself. What’s your passion? If it’s what you were doing in the immediate past, I suggest a more creative way to do it. Take full advantage of what life has to offer; reach out to people–myself included– and look for ways to use your skills, experience and expertise elsewhere.

Do an internet search for work in your profession or industry in either another part of your state or a different state; if you have nothing to lose, you might have the world to gain.

As Always, Thanks For Surfing My Wave!

Why Just Look For A Job? Create One!

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Thoughts of A Prosperous Future While Still Looking for Work

November 23, 2010

Live For Today – Look To The Future.
Yeah, I didn’t think I’d be out of work pushing two years now. So what do I have to show for all this time waiting around for long-term, paid work?
We’ve all heard and read those neat and carefully crafted marketing strategies and summaries of the 10 things to [...]

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Are We Really Unemployed?

November 16, 2010


You undoubtedly assume I’ve gone completely bonkers over my extended absence, yes? Before you throw your hardrive onto the streets along with what sanity you have left, please let me explain…

Unemployed: out of work. That’s all. Okay, that’s huge as work provides income and money speaks volumes.

To employ is to use, to occupy. [...]

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I’m Unemployed, But I’m Busy and Alive

May 29, 2010

A friend of mine recently coined me as “The Busiest Unemployed Guy in Los Angeles.”  I can honestly tell you, he’s probably correct.  If you’re less busy now than you were while working, chances are you’re doing it wrong.
Not only am I volunteering and pounding the pavement at networking functions, I serve on the Boards [...]

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Still Unemployed After Doing Everything You Can To Find A Job?

May 10, 2010

Keep Doing It!
If you really think you’ve done everything you can to find a job and you’re still not employed, guess what?  Something is missing and there’s at least one stone waiting to be unturned.  Maybe it’s time to try something different?  I’m not sure, but whatever it is, what I’ve done thus far hasn’t [...]

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Hope Is Missing, But Not All Is Lost

May 6, 2010

Well…It’s been a long run, but…
I’m back to square one.
Yes, it’s been a more active year job search wise than last year thus far, but nothing has stuck.  The phone is ringing, emails are being exchanged and meetings are aplenty, but one resounding and eerily common thread has been in the forefront:
More empty promises.  More [...]

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Unemployment Springs Forward

April 15, 2010

Staying busy in these unemployed times is crucial and two-fold: it fortifies your mental state and maintains your job search acumen.  Keeping active also makes the day pass quicker, just make sure at the end of the day you are accomplished by having lists of things to check off as you get things done.
The first [...]

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Networking At Funerals Can Breathe New Life Into Your Job Search

March 17, 2010

Well folks, you really need to take advantage of every opportunity to network…even at funerals.  Recently I attended a memorial service for a mother of a dear friend of mine.  In fact, this individual whose mom passed was one of my first bosses’ way back when; I take pride in having kept up with her [...]

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When Your Job-Search Tools Fail To Perform, Fire Your Resume and Lay Off Your Cover Letter

February 26, 2010

So you’ve hired the best resume and cover letter for the job and it still isn’t getting you anywhere, right?  Sort of like a lame employee you keep fine-tuning, training and coaxing; you coach him, suggest how to facilitate better results and just when you think you’ve perfected the wheel, they blow a spark plug [...]

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