Challenges of the Unemployed

by TUM on June 18, 2009

Well, hello there and thanks for surfing my wave!

The challenges of today, especially being unemployed, are intimidating, consuming and down-right depressing.  Period.  Not only that, the longer we remain out of work, these emotions deepen with each passing day.  For me, I’ve surpassed 150 and it’s frightening.

Most of us are doing what we’re used to and told to do…second nature – look for, find, go out and get another job.  Desperate times call for desperate measures, right.  Just find something, damn it!  I’m not going to say I’m not getting close to doing that.  One of the biggest challenges we face is all the pressure we bear from a multitude of recourses; we all know what these negative forces are and I’ve posted about them as well.

Human Nature (and probably textbooks as well) tells us the more desperate we get, the further we tend to lower our standards.  This can take us into a downward spiral and spin us out of control going in the wrong direction.  Of course, this is self-defeating and will get us into more trouble – not a good thing.

Being the crazy and establishment-questioning guy that I am, I’ve done a complete trend reversal with this website.  What I find myself doing is this: the more frantic I become as a result of information overload, the more I want to learn to overcome that.  Whether that’s Type A or overachiever behavior, or both, I need to continue consistently working ahead to attain my ultimate goal: getting as many eyes on this site as possible; I strongly believe in its meaning.  It’s an amazing and overwhelming feat to say the least.  Being unemployed has taught me a great deal about discipline and self-worth.  I have such a drive and passionate desire to complete this mission, I have challenged myself to the outer limits.  There is so much to do in developing content for the web, I now find myself having to take one thing at a time and maybe put others on hold as I meet the agendas I have placed before me.  Doing everything at once is no longer possible…working weekends might be in the offing.  But it’s something I love and will take on and complete.

So what I feel I have demonstrated here is clear: I have taken the negative challenges of my unemployed life and confronted it head-on, in a no-holds barred battle and turned it into a huge positive challenge. Some would even categorize what I’ve produced as daring, highly risky and selfish; good, I say!  It’s your choice and entirely up to you; carry on with your business as usual efforts and you will get, as I’ve said before, the usual.  The same stuff using the same old routine.  This world in which we co-exist is not the same; it has changed and will continue to do so for several more years before things stabilize and maybe return to the “new normal”.  I’m not going to sit around and wait.  I am not normal or average.

Rise above and beyond the murkiness and mysterious in your being and see the clarity in your eyes and thoughts as we realize our victory parade.

What are you waiting for?  Go Dance!

Why Just Look For A Job? Create One!(TM)
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