When Your Job-Search Tools Fail To Perform, Fire Your Resume and Lay Off Your Cover Letter

by TUM on February 26, 2010

So you’ve hired the best resume and cover letter for the job and it still isn’t getting you anywhere, right?  Sort of like a lame employee you keep fine-tuning, training and coaxing; you coach him, suggest how to facilitate better results and just when you think you’ve perfected the wheel, they blow a spark plug right out of the gate.  So what’s an unemployed employee to do when you’ve tried everything under the sun, moon and stars and still…insert crickets chirping here…the sights and sounds of inactivity. Idle mobile devices, empty inboxes and full-blown rejection.

Fire your resume.  Lay off your cover letter.  Give the boss a new attitude.

You’re the boss, so why put up with shoddy tools?  Stop using a knife, a cheap pair of scissors, a letter opener or a nail file when it’s a screwdriver you’re looking for.  All it’s going to do is dull everything else you attempt using and will render it ineffective next you try to cut your steak or remedy a hangnail.

Stop creating dull instruments and sharpen your job-searching tools by using a specifically tailored hammer that will squarely hit the custom-fitted nail on the head with one single blow without cracking or splitting the job you’re after.  Say goodbye to those Hiring and HR Managers telling you they already have 24,354 of those plain Jane nails, 17,476 hammers that were last used as a riveting irons, and why are you using a pile-driver or jackhammer when we’re looking for something that will fit into a piece of plywood?  It’s hard to make much sense of this, correct?  Exactly!

Simply put folks, why are you continually hitting yourselves over the head when all you’re going to get is a cold shoulder?  Is that going to make you feel better?  How would you look like walking around with a cold shoulder on your head?  Instead of swallowing painkillers along with your pride and sanity, why not eliminate the headache all together?

Put your job-search into overdrive and sink your battered teeth and sore head into TheHireRoad and experience your pain melting away like snow on a temperate, crisp spring day as your jobless storm passes over you heading for some poor soul looking for lightning to strike on the same golf course your neighbor hasn’t shot a par on in 18 months.

After hearing the pundits, professionals and experts shoving the same thing down our throats, I am finally full – no more!  How can we do something different using the same devices?  You can’t!  TheHireRoad revolutionizes, invigorates and catapults your job-search in a completely new direction that will finally position you for that success you’ve been craving.  When everyone’s going in the same direction, you’re bound to get lost and trampled over in the process.  Want to avoid the stampede?  Turn around, avoid the mess, and go where few have thought possible before.

TheHireRoad is the single most comprehensive job search tool available today.  This unique, in-home seminar focuses on differentiation as the key to success, and introduces innovative tools and strategies to help you accelerate your job search and quickly find reemployment.  It is, again, a completely revolutionary and strategic approach that teaches an entirely different methodology.  TheHireRoad will teach you how to go beyond your resume; you will learn a style that will empower you to broadcast your immediate value instead of throwing out a resume which is merely historical.  What have you done for me lately?  No!  TheHireRoad will show you how to determine your value without reiterating what you’ve done in the past as a resume is trained to do; you will be able to target a Company and broadcast to them how you can apply your skills, experience, expertise and style to your desired position right now.  Look…we’ve all been through relationship breakups.  Does the new partner you’re dating really care what you’ve done for your ex’s?  Uh, I don’t think so; they want to know what you can do for them this very second and they want what you have in the worst way.  They want you, baby!

So why historically tell them what you’ve done?  Show them what you can do!

Take the best test-drive of your life: TheHireRoad…Providing Direction For Success.™

To receive a special $20 discount off the retail price (which is incredibly low to begin with) when ordering the CD Version or Online Version of TheHireRoad, please use these exclusive codes: TUM2010 for the CD Version & TUM2011 for the Online Version and relieve some of that job-search indigestion.

As Always, Thanks For Surfing My Wave!

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1 TUM February 27, 2010 at 9:50 am

Thanks Again, Buddy!

I’m on Twitter @RogerJHyman, but haven’t been on lately–if you have an account, let me know and I’ll tweet your stuff next week when I start back up! Awesome!


2 Dan March 13, 2010 at 6:27 pm

You said that you were unemployed since Jan 2009…was wondering how you supplemented your income since obviously, your UI has run out…I know, cuz’ I was laid off in Mar 2009, and MINE just ran out…

At least I now know how you’re supplementing your income…you found a job by peddling a kit to help you find a job.

Sorry, but it reminds me so much of the spyware removal tools malware that tells you to buy this software to remove the malware, which is in itself, the malware….

Huh…well, you DID fnd work…can’t fault you for that…

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