The First 100 Days Out Of Office

by TUM on May 19, 2009

Well, hello there and thanks for surfing my wave!

As people start things and go about their business with them, the citizenry has always been preoccupied with accountability and accomplishments in the first hundred days.  I never commemorated that.  I was never in those circles to concern myself with embracing its values – or even care.  After all, the Media could care less if I live or die.  Yet.

As a student, I used this gauge:  If I finished, kudos to me; oftentimes time was up before I even had a chance to complete anything.  In Physical Education, I was always last running; did I ever get a plaque for running an 18-minute mile?  Uh, no.  I remember going to a College Interview (see how far back I have to go?) and being told by one of the Dean’s, “Well, there does have to be a bottom 5% of the class.”  Yes, my friends, that’s a direct quote.  I was denied admission.  Good, I wouldn’t have attended.

As a professional, getting a paycheck had been the mantra for reward.  I’ve been able to make ends meet; lately, it’s been thorny in mind-bending proportions.  If anybody today can even hold down a job for 100 days, hooray!

Why is it that people are infatuated with, and need to put short timelines and what-have-you-done-for-me-lately pressure on job functions?  Well, of course, it depends upon whose paying the bill.  My problem is this: I have the bills, but no money in which to pay them.  Where does that get me?   One hundred days in debt?  Keep going!

Are we entitled to anything being unemployed?  Okay, some of are getting health insurance subsidies – I am (fighting tooth in nail for it); others are on unemployment benefit extensions.  This does help, but it just applies the band-aide.  Patching the wound is good, but this won’t stop the infection.  I’ve been out of work now for 100 Days – actually 3 weeks beyond (told you my math sucked!).  What triumphs can I share from this?  Well, from a traditional job-search standpoint, I can tell you I have over 400 emails in my inbox from a wide array of correspondences, I have sent out probably 200 – 300 and am on the phone or talking in person at least 2 hours a day looking for work.  Still, nothing.  Does this mean I’ve failed?

No.  Numbers are just numbers; they are important and looked at often for comparison models and progress, but the law of averages is disproportionate right now so we must look elsewhere for vitalization. We must look toward ourselves as an indicator of victory.  We must do things on our terms, but we must start something to measure.  Start here is the key word, because to simply continue will do just that.  If we continue doing the same thing, the same results will ensue.  Course a new path and break the cycle of old.  Evoke change.  And if it takes more than 100 days, who cares because if the fruits of our labor haven’t ripened by then, it will be that much sweeter when it is.

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